Monday, 19 March 2012

Farrell x Christys AW12 Collaboration

Merging together two specialists is always going to produce great results, and that's exactly what has happened between Farrell and Christys London. Intertwining the classic nature and quality of Farrell with the experience and class of Christys, the outcome has produced an exciting range of traditional and iconic headwear.

Part of Farrell's brilliantly crafted A/W 2012 collection, the unique collaboration reflects the traditional hardworking British man. Amongst a swarm of classic pea coats, tailored blazers and trench coats, sits a range of beautifully made hats, including the 'Trilby', 'Baker Boy', and the 'Panama'.

Continuing to build on the core strength of Farrell's outerwear, the collection maintains its high attention to detail of craftsmanship, whilst producing contemporary takes on classic styles, rich in heritage.

Attention to detail is perfect, and the appreciation of staple iconic styles is very much obvious. With every piece in the collection, Robbie Williams' (who founded the brand) granddad, Jack Farrell, has been taken into consideration. In fact, it is from Jack's classic British style, Robbie gained his inspiration.

Whether you're after some classic pieces to add to your contemporary wardrobe, or want a hat that will last you a lifetime, for AW12, Farrell is definitely your go to.

Keep an eye out for Part Two of this post, where I will look closer at Christys and the making of the hats.

Launched in Autumn 2011, Farrell is a brand designed for Jack Farrell devised by his grandson Robbie Williams.

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