Hello, I'm Billy, a twenty something journalist/copywriter/stylist with an unhealthy love for men's fashion.

What is The Modern Man Blog all about?

Founded in February 2011, this blog was created in response to the ever-increasing interest in men's fashion. Or, more simply put, because I'm obsessed with menswear and wanted a place to share my thoughts.

Pairing this passion, and the experience I have in the menswear industry, I believe, or I hope, I have created a pretty cool place for the fashion-conscious male.

From stylish pictures - usually from the 1950s - to my favourite seasonal pieces, The Modern Man Blog should include everything the dandy gent needs to keep him happy (for a while at least).

Oh, and I must add, in case anyone wants to criticise my writing, this isn't a place to showcase my journalistic skills - I have a portfolio for that. Instead, this blog is purely a space to share my sartorial interests.

If you do want to see any of my other work, or want to get in touch for work purposes, please see the Contact page.

Enough about me - I hope you enjoy what you read, and if you have any feedback, good or bad, I would love to hear it.

All the best,
The Modern Man Blog
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