Friday, 22 June 2012

Grooming Must-Have: Zirh Skincare & Shaving (GIVEAWAY)

Back in the UK by popular demand, Zirh's award-winning skincare and shaving range is the ideal grooming pack for the modern gentleman. Designed to provide maximum results, with zero confusion, the products fit around a regime made up of four areas.

-Clean, shave, moisturise and enhance.

To celebrate Zirh's arrival, I would like to offer my readers the chance to win the above grooming pack worth over £150! All you have to do is answer this question in the comment box below and leave your email:

What is your grooming 'must-have' and why?
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Available to buy now at Tesco Direct.


  1. A good face scrub/wash and moisturiser are importnat for me, I cycle to and from work in London every day so my face can take a battering from the rain, sun and general pollution!

  2. My hair wax is what is most important to me. Good hair = good mood!

  3. Great shaving gel/cream is my grooming essential, Gillette is a personal favourite.

    1. Could you all please leave your emails also. I forgot to mention that!

  4. probably a travel pot of hair cream for the daily moments the tube journey transforms my curls into a corrie barwoman perm

  5. Probably a good eye cream to help alleviate the evidence of far too many late nights.


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