Friday, 24 February 2012

ASOS Future Stylist giveaway | Round 2

How does it work?

'Like' ASOS on Facebook
Vote for me here
Put your name and email in the comment section of this post

Thank you to everyone who has been voting for me so far, and I hope you decide to carry on!

Now as you're helping me out, it's my turn to return the favour. I have another £25 gift voucher to give away to one of you, and it couldn't be easier to enter.

Follow the instructions above and I will announce the winner on March 1, using Last rounds winner was Ivan Arenas Martinez.

Don't forget to mention below once you've voted!


  1. Consider yourself voted for! Loving this look. Are the shirt, vest and jeans all ASOS own brand?

  2. Wicked outfit! Been voting.

  3. Have voted for you, love your hair not just your outfit.

  4. Voted for you and fingers crossed you win

  5. What's happend between 1st and 2nd round that You lost your perfect shape and became a lil bit plump? :P

  6. Voted! Good luck!

  7. Love what you did there. Just voted ! :)

  8. Voting daily sir!

  9. You have amazing style, I voted for you.
    My name is doina and my email address is


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