Monday, 1 July 2013

Mastering the Art: Trainers and Trousers

Trainers and trousers: it shouldn't work, yet somehow it does.
OK, so not all combinations work - Nike Air Force 1s and pinstripe trousers for example - yet if you get the pairing right, you could create something magical!
Scan the latest street style blogs and you'll not only see how popular the trend is, but also spot a host of examples on how to get the right arrangement.
But, if you don't want to look elsewhere (and why would you?!), the main rules lie within the cut of the trousers and the style of the trainers.
I find the combo works best when a) the trouser is cropped just above the ankle, and b) the trouser has a turn up. As far as styles of trainers go, some of the best options are the New Balance 574 and Nike Air Max 1.
Once you do this, keep the top half simple and your outfit is complete.
See some examples below:

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