Monday, 24 October 2011

Winter Essential - Coats

1. A.P.C Grey melton new mac coat @ £380| 2. ASOS slouchy parka £65| 3. ASOS bonded wool duffle coat £85| 4. A.P.C heavyweight harris tweed jacket @ Mr Porter £515|

Outerwear is huge this season, and a new winter coat should be on the very top of your priority list. 

The purchase of this vital garment involves perhaps your biggest decision of the year. Chances are you will be wearing your new coat every day from now until March, so it's vital you get one you are happy with. To get you started, The Modern Man has rounded up a range of some of the best coats around (above).


  1. Liking number four - not my personal style but I like it. First one looks good value - got to love a spot of A.P.C.

  2. Like number four too!


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