Friday, 21 September 2012

Creating a Wardrobe: Shoes

Brogues, John White | Trainers, New Balance | Boots, AllSaints.
Creating a good, wearable wardrobe can be harder than it first sounds. Anyone can buy a bunch of pieces they like the look of, but it takes a wise mind to choose items that are wearable with more than one outfit.

Take me for example, I have lots of nice clothes. From shirts to shoes, I have a wardrobe to be proud of. But, when it comes to piecing these individual items together, this is where I falter. Coming to terms with my sartorial mistakes, I have not only addressed them, but decided to put together a series of posts highlighting essential pieces for a successful, wearable wardrobe.
To begin, I have chosen three pairs of shoes from my own wardrobe, which should leave you with an option for every occasion. These aren't the only options in my closet (far from it), and not particularly my favourite, but they are the ones I get most wear out of.
So what with, and where can you wear them?
Brogues - Probably the most versatile shoes you will own. Whether at the weekend down your local, or with a suit during the working week, brogues offer a safe option for more or less every outfit.
Trainers - Gym, weekend or now even with some cropped trousers, trainers are quickly becoming a modern man essential.
Boots - Ideal for the chillier months we come across, boots can not only be paired with more casual attire, but also be used to help dress down a suit.

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  1. Just got the same New Balance but in grey. Oh God, I'm really going to the gym.


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