Monday, 9 September 2013

Top Five Transitional Pieces: #1 The Barbour Jacket

Barbour Steve McQueen ™ Collection rexton jacket, £449 at John Lewis.
One minute you're sipping on your summer cocktails, then, before you know it, autumn arrives.
However, there's no need to get caught unprepared. Here, (on the blog) I shall be easing you into the chillier seasons with my top five transitional pieces.
To start? The Barbour jacket:

Barbour Powell quilted jacket, £149 at John Lewis.

Barbour Leedale Waxed jacket, £219 at John Lewis.

Barbour International Wax jacket, £249 at John Lewis.
All Barbour jackets available at John Lewis.


  1. My Barbour Trooper was out of the wardrobe today for the first time in months.

    Too cool and wet not to have in in action even at such an early part of the season.

  2. Billy (The Modern Man Blog)10 September 2013 at 08:29

    I don't blame you! Good on you, I say.


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