Thursday, 5 May 2011

A SPECIAL look at the new ASOS Bazaar collection

We modern men thrive on individuality. Our clothes help convey a message to others, and they make us who we really are. With the new Bazaar trend released by ASOS, you can give out a positive, colourful message, and show the world you are to be taken notice of.

This thrilling ethnic look is all about being brave. You should layer different patters, colours and textures on top, whilst throwing on a pair of tasteful denim shorts to make it seem you haven't tried too hard. Go crazy with accessories, in fact, the more the merrier.

To get you started 'The Modern Man' has picked out a few of the standout pieces from the collection:

All available at ASOS

Remember, this Morocco inspired style is all about mixing things up, and definitely don't be afraid to put things together you usually wouldn't. Be different, be individual, be Bazaar.

Head over to ASOS now, and view the full Bazaar range.

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