Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Summer t's and vests

By now your S/S wardrobe will be nearly complete. Full to the brim with a range of great summer pieces I hope. But before you cross this task off your to-do list completely, you should think about investing in some AllSaints graphic t-shirts and vests.

Plain tee's are fine, but this summer a stylish graphic design is a much better option.

The best thing about this type of t-shirt or vest is it is versatility. You can match them with pretty much anything. Dress them up underneath a stylish AllSaints blazer, or down, under a Japanese shirt.

'The Modern Man' recommends pairing one with a smart pair of chino's or shorts for a great individual summer look.

View some of the best of the new collection below:

These AllSaints vests are perfect for the upcoming festival season. Plus a perfect oppertunity to get out those guns...and impress the ladies... ?

 Visit AllSaints and buy now.

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