Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A SPECIAL look at AllSaints tailoring

Being a 'modern man' is being knowledgeable. It is grasping the concepts which make an old school gentleman, and adding your own new, edgy and exciting twists...

 This isn't the first time I have shared with you AllSaints tailoring, but since discovering their new summer tailoring lookbook's, I thought they deserved a mention of their own.

 When looking for something different in a suit, AllSaints is your go to. In fact, you couldn't get much more diverse if you tried. With a wide range of pieces to mix and match, the opportunities are endless. For this SPECIAL look at AllSaints tailoring, we have featured here some of the best items from the new lookbook images above, and given you a few options for when to wear them. Enjoy:

 Look 1 (Left) :

Having a day out in the city? This look is perfect for those casual occasions, and when day turns to night you won't look out of place sipping cocktails in a stylish bar.

Look 2 (centre) :
Now summer is nearly here, those evening drinks should be happening more often. Wear this look while enjoying drinks in the sun, and let the compliments begin...

Look 3 (right) :

This look would be the perfect outfit for a wedding after party. Be sure to roll up the trousers for that extra edgy feel, but beware you may upset the groom by looking more dapper!

View all these looks and more at AllSaints.

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