Monday, 12 September 2011

Dove Men+Care review

Once upon a time, if you mentioned 'grooming' and 'men' in the same sentence, you would probably end up with a few evil stares and a clip around the ear. Now, with a shift in attitudes and hundreds of quality products available, the 21st century gent is expected to maintain his appearance.

Dove, the brand that sparked a global conversation about real beauty, is now starting a different conversation - this time with men! In this post, The Modern Man was lucky enough to test out the Dove Men+Care range, and here you will see the blogs first ever product review.

According to global research by Unilever, many products for us men are too harsh and drying, which is often interpreted as the product doing its job. But as 'modern men', we expect more. Over 51% of men find that body washes don't care for their skin, whilst 56% feel anti-perspirants are drying and insensitive.

The Dove Men+Care range lets men choose comfort, without sacrificing effectiveness, cleansing or refreshment. Below is The Modern Man's take on the products:

Dove Men+Care, Sensitive Clean - Body + Face Wash (pictured left):

Smell: At first, there seems to be very little smell, but as you start to wash you will begin to experience the natural, masculine aroma the gel gives off. Its not overpowering, giving it a pleasant, classy smell, perfect for the newly groomed man. 7/10

Cleanliness: After using the wash, you are left feeling fully cleansed, whilst leaving your skin lightly perfumed.  8/10

Feel: Your skin is left feeling baby smooth, and refreshingly hydrated. 8/10

Dove Men+Care, Sensitive Care /Powerful Protection - Deodorant:

Smell: Similar to the body + face wash, the smell of the deodorant is very soft and manly. It is not overpowering unlike many male deodorants out there. Some may prefer more of a scent. 7/10

Feel: You will be pleased to hear, this deodorant leaves no irritating white marks. So if you're running late, you can quickly put on your new t-shirt with no hesitation. 9.5/10

Cleanliness: You could safely get on with your day to day activities with just two quick sprays. There is no stickiness, just total protection. Note: Cannot guarantee you won't need to re-use after a gym session! 9/10

Dove Men+Care, Aqua Impact - Body and Face Wash (pictured centre):

Smell: Another lightly perfumed smell (can you see the theme here?). Leaves you smelling fresh, and, well, clean. 7/10

Cleanliness: Soaps up very well, meaning you don't need to use much. Meaning less money spent! After a well deserved soak, you will feel refreshed and content with your Dove Men+Care experience. 8/10

Feel: Leaves your skin feeling soft, and squeaky clean. Rinses well from the skin, leaving very little foamy residue. 8/10

Available at all major chemists and supermarkets.

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